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Learn through a practical and step by step approach, the advantages of intraosseous anesthesia in your daily practice and start using the technique now. 

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DDS.MSc, Pediatric Dentist

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Intraosseous anesthesia
Game changer in Pediatric Dentistry

In this page, you can find all about intraosseous anesthesia in pediatric dentistry and start to change the game from now on. This page is done by Dental Hi Tec Academy pediatric team and with support of Dental Hi Tec to make intraosseous anesthesia more available for all pediatric dentists. 

Based on the new protocols issued after the pandemic of COVID-19, Intraosseous anesthesia is even more effective for the dentists who already use the technique. Take a time to see the advantages and start yourself.

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DDS.MSc, Pediatric Dentist

"I started using the SleeperOne device and I was very enthusiastic. It was painless, children were relaxed and we were talking to each other, even joking, during anesthesia. It was easy and friendly to learn. I had the opportunity to work in a whole quadrant with one injection and not complementary anesthesia. Parents were surprised at the end of the procedure and they were asking if there is something like that for their teeth. No more lip bites and phone calls. One more amazing thing was, that I could work in teeth on different quadrants in the same appointment, which was very convenient for the treatment plan. In small children and in special need patients, therapy was much easier because there wasn’t the feeling of numbness. For the same reason, it was possible where the circumstances demand it, to perform therapy even at the first appointment.

I can’t imagine going back in typical anesthesia, not for me, not for my patients."


Enjoy a truly painless and stressless procedure during dental anesthesia which improves cooperation in Pediatric Dentistry.


Start working immediately after injection. Earn time and organise better your appointments through a totally controlled anesthesia procedure.  


By administering the local anaesthetic directly into the cancellous bone, the teeth are perfectly anesthetised, even in MIH cases or teeth with irreversible pulpitis. 

Less toxicity

With Intraosseous Anesthesia a significantly smaller amount of anesthetic  solution is used, compared to classical technique.

No lip biting

Intraosseous injection results in pulpal, periodontal and attached gingiva anesthesia, without collateral, soft tissue anesthesia which usually results in lip biting.

No ID block anymore

Achieve a full quadrant anesthesia through the diffusion of the anaesthetic solution into the cancerous bone without any need of ID block or any complementary anesthesia. 


Based on the protocols issued after the pandemic of COVID-19, Intraosseous anesthesia is considered by many dentists as a solution to accept less patients in longer appointments with multi sector treatments in order  to reduce infection risk, costs on personal protection equipment and practice disinfection for each patient, save time on the act of anesthesia and perform pain-free, effective and immediate anesthesia with no collateral numbness, very important for pediatric dentists.

Dental Hi Tec and its distributor network prepared a very specific offer to help pediatric dentists adopt the technique and use it with SleeperOne 5 in a very short delay and at a very affordable costs with specific payment terms in 3 times.


Step 1: ​Send your demand

Submit the demand form with correct information. Your information on this form will be used for your demand voucher and other documents.

In case you are resident in an eligible country, you can finalize your order in less than 2 minutes. Otherwise your demand will be processed by Dental Hi Tec in less than 3 days and you will be contacted by mail or phone.

Step 2: Checkout your order

Based on your country, you will receive the procedure to checkout your order via the confirmation email. If you are in one of the eligible countries, you can choose your payment method and checkout the order using the information in the purchase order. For other countries, your demand will be examined and you receive an answer within 3 working days.       


Step 3: Start learning and using

When you receive your device, you have a clinical guide with it to study. You will also have access to clinical cases, videos and articles for self training. To help you start with intraosseous anesthesia, we put in place several grouped trainings in English and you can register in any of them.